ANI Networks offers you an outstanding value proposition; quality service, competitive rates, and best in class customer support.

  • Direct Termination Service - DTS provides superior quality long distance termination, it eliminates multiple call hops in the typical carrier’s LCR through direct connects, improving call quality and preventing issues such as looping, PDD, dead air and 503’ing of calls.

  • Carrier Termination Service - traditional wholesale long distance termination thru our VOIP network, at a competitive price. We balance quality termination with value for your business.

  • Hand-back with Multiple Origination Options - Originate nationwide Switchless 1+ and transport voice traffic to your switch for cost control. Flexible transport options allow for custom solutions.

  • Switchless 1+ and Switchless Toll Free - Full nationwide origination, transport, and termination of resale POTS and toll free numbers. Reporting, management, and PICCARE Provisioning all enabled by ARK© web portal and dedicated staff.

  • Carrier Toll Free Transport - Origination of Toll Free calls in the domestic 48 states, and non US NANPA; transport and handoff to your network. Simplified and automated provisioning options, enhanced routing features and reporting enabled by ARK© web portal.

  • Registry Routing Service - ANI Networks’ Routing Registry Services (RRS) enables full LNP DIP replacement services, combined with delivery of additional information elements regarding the terminating number to enable optimal call routing.

  • Vendor IP Direct Connect Commercial Agreement - For our vendors who own their own Operating Company Numbers “OCN”, we’re establishing commercial agreement to attract high quality traffic not traversing a Least Cost Routing “LCR” environment directly from us.